One of the hallmarks of a luxury space is an area that is easy and comfortable to use. A kitchen serves two crucial roles—being highly functional to prepare food quickly and efficiently and also being a comfortable space to gather and entertain. Both of these roles require unique features. Read on for the kitchen features that will help you navigate the area effortlessly.

The correct storage
A kitchen’s storage can be highly customizable based on how the kitchen is used. This customization level can help navigate how you prep, cook and use the kitchen significantly easier. Working with a kitchen designer is essential to selecting the best storage solutions for you. Understanding how you cook, prep, clean and use the kitchen will help to determine the features you need included in your drawers and cabinets. The small appliances, utensils, dishes, pots, pans and serveware you own are all elements to consider. You may opt for customization that includes pull-out shelves on the bottom cabinets, built-in pull-out cutting boards over the garbage can, custom shelf sizes for your collection of pots and pans, a storage tower to conceal spices and oils and more.

A sink workstation
The kitchen sink is a spot for washing hands, dishes, prepping food and more. This hardworking spot needs more than a basin and a faucet to optimize its functionality. A touchless faucet means you don’t have to touch the handle with bacteria or dirt, and built-in prep bowls, strainers, drying boards and cutting boards transform your sink into a much-needed workspace.

Personalized island
A kitchen island can often be a home’s primary gathering spot. Thoughtfully considering how you use both the kitchen and the island can help you design an island that caters to your lifestyle. If everyone always gravitates to gathering around the island, perhaps you build a dining table that connects to the island. Or, if you have a busy household with different meal times and eating on the go, adding warming drawers will keep meals hot, and refrigerator drawers are an easy way to grab a quick and healthy snack. 

Build a scullery
A scullery is a smaller kitchen off the central kitchen that may have additional dishwashers, ovens, a sink, prep and counter space, a place for small appliances, and plenty of storage for dishes and platters. A scullery keeps the prep and cooking mess out of the kitchen and the kitchen surfaces clearer. If you love to cook, entertain or have an open floor plan, a scullery may be a home feature for you.

Multi-use areas
Since everyone naturally gravitates towards the kitchen, lean into the multi-use concept. Instead of letting your kitchen island become taken over with homework, projects and household paperwork, create designated areas in the kitchen. These multi-use spots may be built-in homework stations with comfortable seating and charging stations, or a household command center to corral all the mail, paperwork and miscellaneous items you need to keep your household running efficiently.

Published with permission from RISMedia.